Perfection is in the Imperfection

The representation of reality sometimes touches on perfection. This is happens in the paintings of Omar Ortiz, an American painter who gives us a series of works that seem photographs and not paintings thanks to the great similarity with reality. Omar loves design and graphic communication and he has gradually shifted to oil colours, reaching a formal perfection level that today many teachers of 60s or 70s could envy, as Chuck Close. If you look  his paintings, you will be impressed by the authenticity of reproductions that don’t neglect even a single fold of skin, a little ‘hair or detail of asymmetry. In this way the whole is so alive as to appear real. The painter prefers naked women, that usually are covered with drapes, in which he finds all the elements of classic harmony and beauty. He is surely talented and he  is depopulating on the web. I wonder if Ortiz would be able to make beautiful even women  less divine than those ones that he paint?


Translated from La perfezione sta nell’imperfezione « It’s not plastic – Arte, Moda, Architettura e Design raccontati dal chirurgo plastico