The Teeth Gap:Another Type of Beauty

Visits to the surgeon, hours in the gym, atrocious diets. Everything for chasing an ideal of beauty, what we built in our personal imaginary or that to which the media and glossy covers have accustomed us: a perfect beauty often made of painted faces, and bodies made of Greek proportions. In short, a beauty to Photoshop.Lately, however, you notice a slight contrast to the canons of perfection to which the fashion tents :and there is a defect, in particular, rather than to shock the designers seem to attract so much to choose for their advertising services and for their expensive advertising campaigns exclusively models born with this defect. I am speaking of diastema, otherwise known as “teeth gap”, or the distance between the incisive teeth .Empty space which according to many is ugly while according to others it is one of those little defects that make a real beauty.

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