Wrinkles of Pride

“Wrinkles? Don’t hide them. It took me a whole life to have them.” Anna Magnani 

Wrinkles are often seen by women as the fist enemy, the first expression of advancing age, the first alarm bell to fight against. So advertisings bombard us with advices and beauty secrets that could reduce them and  return to us a perfect skin. In total contrast whit this too common obsession, there is someone who recognizes the fair  value to the first wrinkle that grows. A wrinkle is a perfect mark  of the passage of time, the result of a fully lived life, the crack through which see a long history. In this view it becomes almost a pleasure to show, something to wear with pride.

Source(in Italian):http://www.pourfemme.it/articolo/la-rivincita-delle-rughe/4027/