Defects of Stars

Perfection is boring. They are not the faces of plastic, all identical and inexpressive to remain etched in our memory. Of irregular features, a scar, a wide jaw: to make their mark are the unusual features that go beyond the classical canons of beauty, making it a unique face. Stars also have understood it, which they struggle more to correct their faults but make it your strength. Venus also had a small defect in the eyes!The secret of the appeal of Julia Roberts is all in his mouth with a smile that never seems to end, so much so that the actress has premunita to secure it to a value of 30 million dollars. Jennifer Aniston, thanks to her chin large and prominent, was released by the anonymity of the typical Hollywood blonde and won the title of America sweetheart. The same applies to Sarah Jessica Parker, which remains a style icon despite the nose important. Not to mention Christina Ricci and her doll face, with a forehead that only sometimes is hidden by a strategic bangs.A smile with perfect teeth, it’s just for advertising toothpaste. Among the people who refused to put the device without problems and show the space between her front teeth, there are also Madonna, Lara Stone, Anna Paquin and timeless Brigitte Bardot.Height is half beauty. Now we can look at Kylie Minogue. With its 1,52 cm tall, the Australian singer is a real “concentrate” of charm and beauty.Then there are defects that make sympathy, making the dive a bit more human. As the ears of Kate Hudson, or like Karolina Kurkova, the Victoria’s Secret angel with a statuesque physique but no navel. That’s right, is not the fault of a careless graphic that you got carried away with Photoshop, but an intervention who model has suffered when she was a child and that she left with the navel “polished”.Even Megan Fox is perfect as it seems. The American actress is in fact suffering from brachydactyly, a malformation that leads to the right thumb much smaller than the left. But with a face like that, who looks to her hands?