The Fashionable Side of Imperfection

“Ripped jeans started it all. Before there were premium denim brands boasting a million different cuts, color washes, whiskers or “worn in” looks it was the jeans with holes gaping at the knees, which were the purest form of denim customization. These tried and true sartorial soldiers wore their state of dog-eared disrepair like a badge of honor. They were jeans so well loved by their owners that the idea of parting with them , even after the textile has rubbed away into threads of its former self, was inconceivable.Today it is impossible to know who has put the time into authentically creating their porous jeans with the all natural air conditioning at the knees and who has just bought a prefabricate designer version. The new challenge with the ripped jeans look is to come up with a novel way to wear the style. To this end some fashionistas are brazenly slicing chunks of denim out of their jeans and brands are targeting unusual areas for faux “wear and tear” features like on the upper thighs or down the length of a seam.It doesn’t really matter how you got your rips in your jeans. But why not come up with an interesting back story for your shredded denim. After all, something that looks so deliciously ragged should have tale to tell.”