Echoism: an Imperfect Perfection

Symmetry is a Greek word that means “right proportion, balance”. In art this concept is linked to beauty, especially during the Renaissance, when the most famous human symmetry question was the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci. Recently many scientific studies have suggested how symmetry exerts a strong attraction in humans because the human being prefers instinctively regularity. The photographer Julian Wolkenstein decided to dispel this myth by what he called “Echoism”. By using computer he carried out 11 digital portraits that divided in two parts, the right one and the left one, after that he assembled them but in a different and specular way from the original, so that he created two new portraits. Symmetry can be both right and left side, the result is always the same: perfection is far away from these new creatures. Echoism shows the alteration of identity, the monstrosity of the double and the acknowledgment of an imperfect perfection.