Eating Journey (Confessions of a Reformed Eater)

“Outside the commercial field, an amateur experience that has gained the attention of the Western media is the blog Eating Journey (Confessions of a Reformed Eater) led by Michelle Gay. In the ‘Exposed’ section this young woman proudly displays her body and invites other blog users to do the same. In response to this invitation many women (but also a few men) have posted photos of their bodies showing that they share the rejection of those models that lead them to despise their own image just because it differs from the glossy perfection that dominates the covers of fashion magazines. Users of Eating Journey instead want to celebrate their body, most interestingly in the practice introduced by Gay of highlighting presumed flaws such as a large belly with slogans like: ‘where I carried a healthy baby for 9 months’. Perfection is therefore increasingly seen as a false virtue, a feature common only to creatures confined to the fictional media world and as far from everyday reality as much as the protagonists of fairy tales or the heroes of Greek mythology. As pointed out by one of the bloggers that have exposed themselves: ‘The Beautiful at any cost, the Perfect in all the sauces, make us tired and bored, for the simple reason that they don’t belong to our earthly life of vulnerable and transient beings, constantly moved by errors and full of flaws and lacks of every kind. Imperfection is our natural habitat: a physical, moral and social imperfection.’”

Web Aesthetics, p. 249 – 250 (note: 39).

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